Welcome to Multi-Phonological:

Unlocking Language Skills!

With Multi-Phonological, I am dedicated to promoting and enhancing phonological awareness in children’s first language. We understand the critical role that phonological skills play in the development of strong language abilities, and I strive to provide resources that support children in their language learning journey.

My mission is to create a platform where educators, parents, and caregivers can access a wide range of high-quality downloadable documents that are specifically designed to engage children in meaningful and enjoyable phonological activities. These resources are meticulously crafted by myself, with a deep understanding of phonological development and the unique challenges faced by multilingual learners.

I made a freebie for you to see what you can expect. I am still creating more and more resources. You will be the first to know when I add recourses to my Etsy Shop.

The first FREEBIE is a sample of a Printable Download on Sound Recognition in Turkish. The finished bundle will contain 20 sounds to practice begin sound recognition. The finished product will be available in 4 variations (capital letters, small letters, with or without labels).